The Mediterranean Coast

DO Alella

Alella’s white, flowery wines and its lesser-known red ones, come from a very old vineyard area which has been receding in the last forty years under the pressure of urban development.

Today the DO is only a third of its original size when it was created in 1956, although in 1989 it was extended to spread up the slopes of the coastal mountains.

In the 1980s a series of new grapes were introduced here and wines were modernized, revealing new potential. Wineries are urban farmsteads built up stepped slopes which drop away to the sea.

The range of altitudes governs which grape varieties are grown and what kind of wine is made in which part of the vineyard.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador DO Alella
Masia Museu Can Magarola, Av. Sant Mateu 2
08328 Alella
Tel.: +34 935 559 153