Green Spain

DO Bierzo

Bierzo is located in the northeast of the region of Castilla and Leon; specifically in the province of Leon. It borders both Galicia and Asturias, with the northeastern delimitation bordering the provinces of Orense and Lugo, and with Asturias to the north.

Geographically, the zone is ideally located between the coast and the interior, which has motivated the settlement of various towns and civilizations throughout history. The vineyards are strategically placed on terraces of relatively low inclination next to the rivers, on hillsides and on pronounced inclinations with an average height of between 450 and 1.000 meters. The semi humid climate and mild temperatures are prime for grapevine growing.

The production of the protected wines must be carried out with the exclusively recognized grapes: Red varieties, Mencía and Garnacha Tintorera; as well as white varieties such as the Godello, Doña Blanca, Palomino and Malvasía. Nearly the 75% of its production is elaborated with Mencía, exactly because of that reason one of its slogans is ‘Bierzo, the land of Mencía’.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador DO Bierzo
Mencía, 1
24540 Cacabelos
Tel.: +34 987 549 408