The Meseta

DO Manchuela

Although Manchuela’s full DO status was confirmed only in July 2000 and its regulation in June 2004, it had been defined and regulated as a DOP since 1982, when it split off from DO La Mancha.

This is good red-wine country, with influences from the surrounding DOs – there are some doble pasta (musts fermented over two batches of lees to give big red wines) and La Mancha style whites – and it shows promise for the coming years, especially given the new spirit of the experiment in certain bodegas. Already the shift from providing bulk wines for blending elsewhere to bottled wines recognized with their own identity is having certain repercussions.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador DO Manchuela
Avenida de San Agustín, 9
02270 Villamalea
Tel.: +34 967 09 06 94/95