Green Spain

DO Rias Baixas

The spectacular success of Rías Baixas’ fragrant, fruity white wines since winning DO status in 1988 has given Galician winemaking a new spirit of optimism.

The harnessing of modern technology has also been a key influence in the region’s other DOs. Producers range from modern cooperatives to small-scale artesanal producers- here called adegas, the Galician name for bodegas- some of whom now make ‘signature’ wines of astonishing quality and complexity.

The wider, mass-market success of young Albariño has encouraged winemakers to start experimenting with new techniques.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador DO Rías Baixas
Plaza de la Petriera (Edificio Mugartegui), nº10
36002 Pontevedra
Tel.: +34 986 854 850