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DO Ribera del Guadiana

Extremadura’s first DO takes its name from the river that runs east to west through its vineyards. The DO Ribera del Guadiana groups six sub-zones distributed between the region’s two provinces: Badajoz to the south, and Cáceres to the north.

Today the area shows evidence of a decisive belief in the modernization of viticulture and enology. At the same time, each producer continues to preserve his or her own style. As a result, there has been an exceptional improvement in both the red and white wines made here.

The largest sub-zone is Tierra de Barros, which achieved certain fame exporting wines in the Vino de la Tierra category. The DO continues to encourage new working methods such as the renewal of varieties, the updating of harvesting methods and the modernization of the facilities needed to handle the increase in the number of barrels produced.

Thanks to all these factors, this region’s image as a producer of wines with a high alcohol content and little structure has been overtaken. Today, the emphasis is on greater fruitiness in the young wines and good wood blending in its aged wines.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador DO Ribera del Guadiana
Avda. Presidente Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ibarra s/n Aptdo 299
06200 Almendralejo
Tel.: +34 924 671 302