Duero River Valley

DO Tierra del Vino de Zamora

The region known as “Tierra del Vino” – or “the land of wine” – is located in Castile-León , at the southeast of the province of Zamora. It lies on both banks of the Duero river.

It covers a total surface area of 1,799 square kilometers, which extends throughout a total of 56 boroughs, 46 of which belong to the province of Zamora and 10 more to the province of Salamanca.

The “Tierra del Vino” region benefits from a dry continental climate with extreme temperatures. Winters are bitterly cold and summers dry and hot. Winter average temperatures do not exceed 3ºC and summer time reaches 23ºC. Precipitations are scarce and the annual overall hardly reaches 400 mm. The region stands at an average height of around 750m above sea level. The effective insolation exceeds 2.800 hours per year.

The area is crossed by many rivers (Duero, Valderaduey, Guareña, Valparaíso, Ribera de Campeán…), and consequently the structure of the soil is clearly alluvial. The Topsoil is deep, highly permeable and with an excellent retentive capacity, although poor in organic matter. The underlying layers are rich in clay. Sand is frequently found on the topsoil on the plains, whilst on the hillsides gravel is more common and the hilltops tend to be covered with small pebbles and stones.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador DO Tierra del Vino de Zamora
Plaza Mayor 1
49708 Villanueva de Campean
Tel.: +34 980 56 00 55