The Meseta

DO Uclés

It is obvious, with a simple tour of the region, that this area of wine production has environmental, climate, and soil conditions different from the typicall wine producing regions of La Mancha.

It has an heterogeneity of the relief and depth variability of soils and climatic conditions that do not coincide with the southern part of the Spanish plateau.

It occupies an area of 1,700 hectares, in the west of the province of Cuenca and in the northeast of the province of Toledo, although only 1,700 are suitable for the wines of Uclés.

Unlike other appellations of Castilla-La Mancha, Uclés does not have a uniform landscape. The Sierra de Altomira mountain range divides the region down the middle and into two distinct zones, with the western sector lying at altitudes between 500 and 800 meters while vineyards in the east can reach 1,200 meters. The Sierra de Altomira is considered to be the third subzone, with dramatic cliffs and dolomitic limestone.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador DO Uclés
Polígono Industrial Tarancón Sur
Calle Maese Nicolás, 0
16000 Tarancón
Tel.: +34 969 135 056