The Islands

DO Valle de la Orotava

In this lush, north-western corner of Tenerife, vines are found on the terraced northern slopes of Mount Teide. They spread around the attractive old town of La Orotava and down to Puerto de la Cruz, once the island’s busiest port.

Today, with healthy local demand fed by the year-round tourist business, production is growing and quality is improving. Fruity whites come from the west of the zone; ruby reds from the east. Only 30% of wines are currently bottled, so there is potential for many more to emerge on the market in coming years.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador DO Valle de la Orotava
Parque Recreativo El Bosquito, 1 Urb. La Marzagana La Perdoma
38315 La Orotava
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Tel.: +34 922 309 922 / 23;;