Ebro River Valley

Pago de Arínzano

Pago de Arínzano was the first state wine to receive the official recognition of Vino de Pago in Navarre. The state belongs to the Chivite family since 1988, which has been producing wine for 11 generations in Navarre. The building, a world-class winery, was designed by architect Rafael Moneo (Pritzker Award for Architecture).

Of the 355 hectare estate, 128 hectares are dedicated to the cultivation of Pago vineyards. The state has an average yearly temperature of 12.9º C and it receives an average yearly rainfall 600mm and 2500 hours of light per year. The vineyards are planted on soils formed by loams, sand, limestones, and limonites from the Neogenic era, along with gypsum and dolomites from the Triassic era.

The winery produces wines both under the DO Navarra and the Vino de Pago designations. The only white grape approved for white wines is Chardonnay and for reds Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Merlot.

Regulatory Council

VP Arínzano
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