The Meseta

Pago Dehesa del Carrizal

Dehesa del Carrizal is a Vino de Pago, the highest category according to Spanish wine law, and is placed in the middle of the Montes de Toledo, near Cabañeros National Park, between Tajo and Guadiana basins.

The Mediterranean climate with Atlantic influence creates the perfect particular microclimate where this Pago stands. Besides, this distinctive climate –with a wide temperature range between night and day– allows a slow and harmonious grape ripening. Its vineyards lie on a raña, which is the local name for slopes and plains at the bottom of a mountain which have been eroded by water and rain and have therefore caused the accumulation of clay and quartz sand.

Regulatory Council

Consejo Regulador VP Dehesa del Carrizal
Finca Dehesa del Carrizal
13194 Retuerta del Bullaque
Ciudad Real
Tel.: +34 925 421 773