Spain’s Great Match

From the lush green and rugged mountains of the north to the castle-flecked Meseta and azure Mediterranean coast, Spain’s wine offers something for everyone.

Wines from Spain is pleased to host the 24th Annual Spain’s Great Match, an annual event organized by the Trade Commission of Spain in which American importers and distributors of wines present the latest vintages of the Spanish wines in their portfolio to wine industry professionals and consumers. For wine novices and connoisseurs alike, discover Spain’s wine, food, and design at Spain’s Great Match 2017.


New York Trade & Press

Oct 4 at 12:00PM

Chicago Trade & Press

Nov 2 at 1:00PM


New York Public

Oct 4 at 6:30PM

Chicago Public

Nov 2 at 6:30P

Relive all the fun at last year’s events in the videos below!