News • January 31, 2017

The Dawn Of High-End Cava

Spain’s first bottle of sparkling wine was created in 1872 using the Champagne method in the Catalonia region. The man who created this, Josep Raventòs, set out to compete with the Champagne that was imported by the then highly Francophile Spanish Court. It wasn’t until 1959 that the Cava name was invented and it didn’t become official until 1972. Meaning cellar in Spanish, this name refers to the long aging period the bottled endure during their second fermentation in the cellars. Finally the Cava appellation became official in 1986, at the time of Spain’s entry into the European Union.

Today, a new classification is upon Cava.  The Cava de Paraje Calificado (single-vineyard wines) attempts to carry the seal of a producer’s ambitious and quality wines, sourced from single estates in the very best terroirs of the Cava-producing region.

In her most recent article, wine writer Elin McCoy questions if this new designation will help bring more recognition to the category’s best efforts and attempts to answer the question, would you pay $200 for a bottle of Cava?

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