News • January 26, 2017

Drinking Down The Duero River

Some of the best regions to drink from sit along Spain’s Duero River. This is known as the Duero River Valley Region. Anchored by the esteemed Ribera del Duero and the Golden Mile, regions like Arribes, Cigales and more have made a name for themselves crafting an award-winning red.

In the last decade, Rueda DO has claimed international spotlight with the Verdejo grape, offering a white wine likened to Sauvignon Blanc. But it owns its own unique citrus aromas and pear texture and flavors. Rueda is producing some of the most affordable, quality white wines in the world. Most of the Rueda Verdejo bottles are priced between $10 and $16.

On the other side of the river, Tempranillo shines in Toro. It’s a region making powerful red wines that are being internationally appreciated. Toro actually supplied the Duero Valley cities, like Valladolid, with red wines during the Middle Ages. Cigales also supplied wine but unlike Toro, Cigales specialized in and contributed the Rosé.

That brings us to Ribera del Duero. Ribera is arguably the most renowned winemaking region in the Duero Valley region. Often compared to Rioja, winemakers here have been crafting bold red wines that are well made in centuries-old terroir. The star grape of this region is Tempranillo, Spain’s answer to Cabernet Sauvignon. Known across the Portuguese border as Tinta Roriz, Tempranillo is an incredibly versatile red wine, pairing well with steak, BBQ or even your favorite Chinese takeout.

With its rich history and beautiful sights there’s no shortage of wine styles and grapes to choose from as you make your way down the Duero River. See a complete list of prominent Duero Valley DOs below.

·         DO Arlanza

·         DO Arribes

·         DO Cigales

·         DO Ribera del Duero

·         DO Rueda

·         DO Tierra de León

·         DO Tierra del Vino de Zamora

·         DO Toro

·         VT Castilla y León