Winemakers • March 8, 2017

The Female Winemakers of Parés Baltà

Maria Elena Jimenez and Marta Casas are the winemakers at Parés Baltà in Penedés. The winery has been family-owned since 1790, and is now managed by brothers Joan and Josep Cusiné—but the wine is made by their wives.

Maria Elena, pictured left on the photo above, grew up in Barcelona and obtained a degree in Chemical Engineering. But once her husband introduced her to winemaking, she became obsessed and obtained a second degree in Oenology. She travelled to the greatest wine regions in the world—Bordeaux, Napa, Burgundy, Australia, Rhone, and more. Eventually she returned to Parés Baltà to become an oenologist.

Marta, pictured right, was born in a small fishing village, surrounded by family who were involved in the world of wine. As a child, her favorite place to play was in her grandfather’s winemaking cellar. At university, she met her future husband who formally introduced her to wine. They travelled the world, tasting in different wine regions, until arriving back at Parés Baltà and entering the family business

Together, these sisters-in-law are responsible for the winemaking at Parés Baltà, ensuring each wine has its own full personality while respecting its varietal character and origin. They have introduced traditional methods of vinification that have almost been forgotten in modern winemaking, while following organic and biodynamic principles in their vineyards.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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