News • February 23, 2017

The Magnificent White Wines Of Spain

 A recent Wine-Searcher feature by James Lawrence discusses the revolution of the white wines of Spain. A major highlight includes the fact that never before have consumers been able to experience such a variety of Spanish whites on restaurant lists from London to Hong Kong and New York City.

US Sommelier Max Kast points out that the “perception of Spain as a predominately red wine country in the US is starting to change.” While it’s true that a major part of the popularity of Spanish whites is the price point and value ratio, it is also the pull of oenophiles toward experimentation. For example, Torres is set to release a much anticipated white wine produced from a lost Catalan grape called “Selma Blanca.”

Spain is home to some of the most diverse white grapes on the planet. Explore the profiles of Spain’s all-star grapes like:

Verdejo: Produces a full-bodied juice with high acidity, strong citrus and vegetal aromas. Grown in Rueda.

Albariño: Bright, zesty and crisp. When it doesn’t taste like fresh grapefruit, it tastes like pineapple with an evocative minerality. Grown in Rias Baixas.

Pedro Ximenez: Used in quality Sherry and Montilla production, aged and used to produce ultra-unctuous sweet wines. Mostly grown in Montilla-Moriles.

Xarel.lo: Although best known as a Cava grape, Xarel-lo is also used in dry table wines. Highly regarded for their bracing, lemon-like acidity and stonefruit flavors. The still wines are very textural, often with slightly vegetal characteristics on the palate. Grown in Catalonia.

Godello: Often likened to chardonnay, godello has the freshness of apples and citrus are present minerality from the first sip. Grown in the Valdeorras region of Galicia

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