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News | Aug 18 2022

Spanish Ibérico Pork Producers Focus on Their Organic Offer

More and more companies are committing to sustainability to offer their customers healthier products and be more environmentally conscious

Spanish Ibérico pork producers are increasing their commitment to organic production. Nowadays, there are several brands in the market whose focus on this segment is worth noting.

Señorío de Montanera is one of them. As a leading producer in Dehesa de Extremadura DO, this company recently created a line of organic products with a view to offering its customers foods that are healthier and most environmentally conscious.

Extrem Puro Extremadura is another producer to jump on this bandwagon. They sell everything from organic Ibérico pork shoulder to organic Ibérico acorn-fed chorizo, salchichón, and lomo. Their pigs are raised on dehesas eating organic feed and acorns. These products have special labels which are certified with the European Union.

A selection of ibérico ham from Extrem

La Umbría is another brand with organic Ibérico products. Their commitment to the environment has led them to focus on this new segment as they believe that sustainable livestock leads to a sustainable future. Their organic animals are certified by external companies who ensure that their pigs are raised in line with the highest standards. They sell everything from ham and shoulder to sausages.

Fermín is one more brand that stands out in particular for its organic Ibérico pork products. This company uses a slow, artisanal process for production and is the first to export organic Ibérico pork to the US.

Ibéricos from Señorío de Montanera
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