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News | Oct 11 2021

Cava Discovery Week to be Held in New York, the UK and Japan

This event seeks to raise the profile of one of Spain’s most popular wines with food pairings, restaurant promotions, giveaways and virtual wine tours

DO Cava

Cava Discovery Week is back on the calendar, and the second edition of this exciting event will be held in October and November in the US, the UK and Japan.

In the US, it will run from October 9th to the 17th in New York, during which time a wide range of wine bars, shops and restaurants will highlight Cava from Spain through activities and by serving it alongside their gastronomic creations. Virtual tours of Cava vineyards and educational webinars will also be organized in parallel. Participating restaurants and venues include Mercado Little Spain, Veranda, Contento, Huertas, and Despaña Soho, among others.

In the UK, this event will be held from October 16th to the 24th, during which time wine retailers and restaurants will offer special promotions in restaurants, food pairings and giveaways on social media. Participating restaurants include Brindisa and Camino. In Japan, Cava Discovery Week will be held in Tokyo from November 1st to the 12th with the same kinds of events and activities. Zurriola and Nodaiwa Ginza will both be participating.

The goal of these events is to ultimately introduce buyers and patrons to Cava and allow them to learn more about this unique sparkling wine and its world-renowned production style. Participants will also learn about important wineries and the wine’s versatility when it comes to pairing.

DO Cava extends over more than 93,000 acres of vineyards with over 6,500 winegrowers. Additionally, 70% of sales are international. 

DO Cava
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